Kriti Cooking Oil has established its name in the market for its consistent quality and good packing. The product is manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions. Kriti’s production facilities are ISO-9001: 2001 certified and operate under stringent quality control measures. Kriti Cooking Oil is ideal for human consumption in all respects.As per dieticians, Soyabean oil has a balanced amount of different fatty acids and the ratio of n-6/n-3 is 7.3, which lies within the desirable range. Thus, soyabean oil is the most suitable cooking oil of today. It is not only successfully adopted by health conscious families but also used in hospitals, schools, army and many such places where health awareness is an important factor.Kriti Nutrients Limited manufactures Refined Oil, Textured Vegetable Protein, Full Fat Soya Flour, Lecithin. As a result of high-tech processing in an in-house refinery, all soya products of Kriti are very high on hygiene quotient and have been adopted by health conscious hospitals, schools, the Indian army, farmers, hotels etc.Kriti is the most respected brand of Soya Oil in central India, SBM in Asia and its Mixwell soya Lecithin is accepted worldwide.The result obtained is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction which is the driving force behind the company’s growth.

State of the art Facility

The soya plant is located at Dewas, with an area of 60520 sq. meters with its modern infrastructure and technically advanced machinery. It comprises of an Alfa Laval refinery, ion exchange R.O. Plant for water purification, Fluidized bed boilers, effluent treatment plant and skilled man power.

The unit has a state of the art manufacturing setup which includes solvent extraction plants, vegetable oil refinery, lecithin plant, effluent treatment plant, fluidized bed boilers and an in-house tin and jar manufacturing facility. It uses best quality, Non GMO soyabean seeds with a high nutrient content to manufacture a premium quality product range. The range includes refined soyabean oil, Superhypro meal, Defatted soya flakes and lecithin used for human consumption, cattle feed, poultry, aquaculture, confectionary, dairy product, industrial applications and pharmaceutical preparations.