MixWell Lecithin is made from fresh gums, during degumming of Soyabean Oil obtained from Non-GMO soyabean seeds. The manufacturing and packing of the product is done under hygienic conditions in a ISO 22000 approved facility.Mixwell is a filtered, deodorized and standardized lecithin suitable for food purposes as an emulsifier, stabilizer, lubricant, release agent, instantizing agent, anti-oxidant and dispersant.


Physical Properties

Colour Brown
Odour Pure, Fresh, typical of the product, predominantly soya
Taste Specific bean-like, characteristic taste of soya
Typical Properties
Moisture 0.50 % max.
Acid Value 28 mg KoH/gm max.
Peroxide Value 5 meqO2/Kg
Acetone Soluble 38 % max.
Acetone Insoluble 62 % min.
Hexane Soluble 0.25 % max.
Colour 10 units
Viscosity 8000 – 12000 Cps
Microbiological Properties
Total Plate Count 5000/g max
Yeast & Mould 50/g max.
Coliform Negative
Salmonella Negative


Mixwell Soya Lecithin is available in 1 MT IBC, 200 Kg net drums and bulk in ISO tanks.


Mixwell can be used as an emulsifier, stabiliser in chocolate, confectionary, bakery applications